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Product show / Capacitor - start capacitor CD60
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   Place of Origin: China  Model Number: start capacitor CD60
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   Port:  China    Packaging Details: export carton
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Detailed Product Description:
Main uses:
Applied in frequency of 50/60Hz, 110VAC TO 330VAC voltage for motor starting, also widely used in high-tech areas.
Products character:
Cylinder bakelite or plastic case, pins outlead.
Good insulation, high strength, not easy to break; Good sealing at terminal, solid, non-leakage and can withstand large external forces in all directions. It is not only good looks, easy to use, but also has stable parameters, reliable quality, long life and other characteristics
Technique Data:
Standard ANSI/EIA-463-B
Operating temperature -40 to +65℃
Capacitance range 21μF to 1536μF
Capacitance deviation 0 to +20%
Rated Voltage 110Vac to 330Vac
Tangent of loss angle tanσ≤0.10; tanσ≤0.15 (20℃, 100Hz)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Testing voltage T-T: 1.25Un, 2S; T-C: 2000VAC, 10S no breakdown, no burst.
Size Refer to our design
Above is our normal specification, we are able to design and produce according to customers’ special requirements.
CD60 Sizes
0, 1, 1, 4, 1, 118, 1, 60
Voltage(VAC) 110VAC 220VAC 330VAC
cap.(μF) Size(mm) DxH DxH DxH
88-106 36x70 36x85 46x85
108-130 36x70 36x85 46x85
124-149 36x70 46x85 46x85
130-156 36x70 46x85 46x85
145-174 36x70 46x85 46x85
161-193 36x70 46x85 46x85
189-227 36x70 46x85 46x111
216-259 36x70 46x85 46x111
233-280 36x70 46x85 46x111
243-292 36x70 46x85 46x111
270-324 36x70 46x85 46x111
324-389 36x70 46x111 46x111
340-408 36x70 46x111 46x111
378-454 36x85 46x111 46x111
400-480 36x85 46x111  
430-516 36x85 46x111  
Remark:  D-Case diamaeter   H-Case Height
Remarks: The specifications can be according to cilents requests
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